We Should Vote On Everything

We do not need people to vote on anything for us any more. Whether it's the city, county, state or federal government, we no longer have any reason to have people voting for us. Our representatives merely decide the issues that need a vote, the issue is put in the system and instead of them, WE VOTE. In this smart world, it's time to turn the voting back to the people that pay the bills, "WE THE PEOPLE."

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How Would Smart Voting Be Done

Every bank is regulated by the government. Require them to add a voting tab to each on line account displays and on each ATM. The government supplies the questions directly. We vote. Our vote goes to the government directly like deposits and withdrawals do. Once we vote on a question, we can't vote on it again. Those with no bank account would get an ATM voting card. Voting would be given only one bank per Social Security Number. If you add a bank and want to change, changes to the new account would disallow voting at the previous bank, thus assuring only one vote per person no matter where he lived or move to.

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Finally - "We The People" Decide Almost Everything

Except for matters of National Security, we would be able to vote on every issue and that takes power from lobbies and special interests. If we make a mistake, it's our mistake. It's our country. Making this change will bring the kind of sweeping changes Congress can't or won't deliver. This change will render money useless in the battle between the wealthy and all the rest.

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A system designed in the stage coach days needs to end to keep up with the modern world.

The time is here to end horse and buggy politics. It's also time for the GREAT DEMOCRACY to once again show the world how it can be done by the inventors of the modern democratic process.

An all new and improved U.S. of A. needs to once again show the world that when it comes to governments, we are the best in the world. We have the know how and the resolve to make everything better than anywhere else in the world.

This change could be phased in and tested all the way and all it takes to make it happen is one thing. Tell our governments at the city, county, state and federal government to make this change happen. It's our government and this change will truly give it's citizens the empowerment that would keep us all more involved.


Next Steps...

Tell everyone you know about this idea. Tell them to tell everyone they know about this idea. We The People can make this happen!