First we have to share the word...

Like everything new, nothing happens until the word gets out. If you like the idea of us voting on everything and taking control of our government, you need to share that with others. This site was made to explain the concept so all you have to do is link it on social media, tell people to look at it and point it out to those in government.

Share The Story

If you are a member of some social media network and you like this idea, please create a support group and share your feelings about it. Ever since things like cell phones, tablets, PC's and other devices became popular, it's made sense that representative government would not have happened if this government formed today. Representatives would be sent to legislative houses in cities, counties, states and nations to prepare the questions that need to be decided by the people that pay the bills. No one would let someone else decide things in a household for them and now we no longer need people to decide what we believe our governments should do to us and for us.

Let Us Vote On Everything