Times Have Changed

When our forefather invented our nation, they formed a government that required representation because a letter could take weeks or months to get from the sender to a representative. Had they had today's technology, everything would be different. Their words, "We The People" invoked a government by the people, for the people. In the 18th Century, representative voting was done to get the job done as fast as it could be done. This change lives up to that goal.

Today Money & Lobbying Is A Big Problem

With campaigns costing millions and even billions in some cases, money is needed to have government work. To get the fuel for such campaigns, it's been the practice of using supporter's money to gain support for ideas because law makers want to get re-elected they vote in favor of their support and such an act now creates a government that can be called, "The best government money can buy." With us, the people, having the final word, ideas that are just not what we want would not happen. The $400 toilet seats of the past would go away because most of us just will not allow such stupidity.

We May Make Mistakes

Yes, we as a people may make mistakes. Who knows, we may build a bridge somewhere in the woods where there is no road to get there or no need for one. At least then we'll be able to hike to it, have picnics on it and celebrate humanity and enjoy our monument that reflects the human condition. No matter what, any mistake will be one we own, which we may want to fix if we want to.

Could there be corruption?

Frankly, the very reason why it was decided to use the banking system to do the voting is this. Banks require us to supply our Social Security numbers and such a requirement would make it easy for our voting registration to follow us where ever we lived. Duplicates would be immediately identified and questioned. Because giving anyone access to the account where a person's money would be a great deterrent to giving access to their account. Since all phones, tablets and PC's have IP's and all ATM's have camera's, voter fraud would be really tough to accomplish in any numbers that would matter.