Lawmakers May Fight This Idea With All Their Power Even If We Want It.

Taking voting power and prestige of legislators is so ingrained in our society, the idea of giving that power to the populous will be fought with all kinds of claims that may include:
  • Veiled claims, that in essence will infer, the populous is not and will never be prepared with enough study of issues to make good decisions.
  • Such a change would lead to emotional government.
  • They were selected as representatives because they always vote the way their voters would.
  • They are doing us a favor by representing us so we don't have to spend time studying issues.
  • This change will kill the free enterprise system and will lead to economic disaster.
  • This change will bring about many legislative errors.
  • We'll never understand the budget process well enough to make the kind of decisions needed to provide fully functioning government.
  • We'll not vote for the kind of laws that will keep us safe.
  • We'll put the wrong values on the wrong issues and cause our nation to become chaotic.
  • And many, many others which will likely show up in the comments section of this site.

This Change Will Cause Us All To Either Have The Kind of Government We Don't Want or Make Us Spend Too Much Time Studying Everything

As citizens of this nation, we have abdicated our responsibility to others for so long, we may not be up to the job of being the right people to decide our future because:

  • Making good decisions takes study, intellect, and care.
  • We may not realize why we do some things and get rid of the wrong things and or spend too much time and or money on things that don't do what we expect.
  • We could realize later having us vote on everything except matters of national security will have a bad result.
  • We may find that letting everyone vote on everything will open a door that allows priorities to change in America that may reflect our hidden negative bias.
  • We may underfund some things and may change taxes to put too much burden on the wrong people.
  • We may set tax policy that will hurt our economy.
  • and so on... let's see that the comments page may expose.