Add Voting To Banking

Because we need security in voting, connecting that act with our banking is the perfect marriage. We already use networks to do banking. It's already hooked up. All that is needed is a voting port and a page in our banking.

We Need Voting Authority

Congress would have to come up with the way to authorize a popular vote on all matters. This will be the hardest thing to get them to do.

National Security

Because there is information the general public does not have, voting on matters of national security should always remain as something limited to Congressional voting power.

This Change Will Save Money

By having voting always set up in our banking, there will be no more costly election setups. The voting machines will be our phones, our tablets, our PC's, and ATMs.

We'll Need To Have Partners

Like we do with so much else, those of us interested in what the government is doing will cause us to partner with others and have the similar kinds of relations to those in Congress today.